Marijuana Could Soon Be Federally Legalized.

“No way that will happen!” “Do you think it will finally happen?” “It’s about [deleted] time, this has been ridiculous!”

We’ve all heard the familiar phrases from anyone who has an opinion on the matter of Cannabis becoming federally legal. Many states have already adapted it’s acceptance into law, and now House Democrats this week are moving closer to making that happen on the federal level.

This will be a huge milestone for anyone either already in the industry, or those looking to get in. All remaining illegal states will adapt the law making it easier for anyone to conduct business, or simply grow for their own for personal use. Banks will be able to offer business loans, perform financial transactions and of course provide some heavy taxation, but is an overall positive milestone and a big one at that so, we’ll take it.

The medicinal benefits that THC offers the mind and body are compelling and cannot be denied. It’s scientifically proven to work on some people for pain, muscle spasms, glaucoma, and other ailments.

This will no doubt have positive and negative effects on growers from all levels. The large deep funded corporations will strategize how to flood the markets in all states with affordable products while the small time local growers will focus more on the quality of their strains and the benefits of those particular terpene profiles.

If you’re in the extraction segment of the industry, you also could reap the benefits of the new law as well now that the freedom to go across state lines to form working business relationships is perfectly legal.

House democrats are set to pass the bill this week that will have marijuana removed from the list of federal controlled substances. We’ll keep our fingers crossed in hopes that happens.

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