Hemp Clothing Is Set To Become A Fashion Fabric Super Star

I remember when the old idea of wearing hemp clothing of any kind conjured up an image of some potato sack or stiff canvass type material that just wasn’t going to be comfortable. These days using hemp as fabric for apparel is becoming more popular for many reasons.

First and foremost is due to strength and durability. Hemp is much tougher than cotton and provides more insulation. Perfect for outdoor rugged weather when you need long lasting protection from the elements.

Second is more than likely it has thermoregulating properties such as more airflow due to the the porous fiber structure of the plant.

Companies like Levi Strauss are starting to blend cotton and hemp to make their new jeans. We look forward to 100% pure hemp jeans.

Hemp fabric is able to be softened by washing in warmer water and using a softener.